The idea for this painting came from wanting my own interpretation of a witch. I was partly raised in an area of Germany, where witches are celebrated with yearly parades full of mischievous fun. 

My witch comes from my deeply respectful love for the old ladies I used to know in France and German villages, including my grandmother! It’s about kindness, aging, hard work, untold stories and even war that shaped their lives. 

My other intent in choosing to paint a ‘witch’ is that witches were just outspoken women that society tried to silence. A reminder that we still have a long way to go.

The painting is also an homage to cats that never stop fascinating me. My cats have been my primary source of inspiration in all my years of painting. They are my constant respectful reminder of the beauty of wildlife. 


Lastly, the painting is about our deep connection to our pets and their ability to make you look at the world in a more kind and measured way. Because cats very much remain wild animals, they are a reminder that all wildlife matters in a deep psychological way to humans.